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About us

In 1972 Charles Ruddock who had a handicapped daughter Pat, organised a meeting for parents with handicapped children with one question:

“What will happen to our Siblings when we parents are no longer able to care for them?”

The result of the meeting was to establish a Fund Raising Committee with the object of building suitable accommodation.

The committee organised a Charity Shop on Ousebridge, plus coffee mornings. Also the “York Run” gave 33.5% of the proceeds to the cause. York Mencap Hostels Association a registered charity was the benefactor of all the proceeds.

Howe Hill Hostel was built in Acomb by the N.Y.C.C. and the charity contributed. Due to no agreement being reached that the YMHA donations would guarantee places for member siblings further contributions were stopped.

Charles Ruddock Trust Origins

Charles Ruddock worked for Rowntree Macintosh and approached Sir Donald Barron Chairman of the Company to obtain advice. Sir Donald was also Chairman of the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust and suggested a joint committee be established to see if accommodation could be provided.

The joint committee was formed. JRHT was a registered housing association which could claim government grant known as Housing Association Grant (HAG).

JRHT obtained 100% grant for a 14 bedded hostel to be built on the Huntington Road which was completed in March 1984. YMHA met the fitting out costs and guaranteed to meet any shortfall in the running costs. The Hostel filled quickly and was a great success.

Charity Objectives

By 2009 the running cost shortfalls were too great for the YMHA to beat due to the contributions for care by the local Authorities being drastically too low.

JRHT also took a decision to gradually close both Hostels sponsored by YMHA and provide smaller accommodation either on its own or with other providers.

The result of this was the closure of the YMHA and the formation of the Charles Ruddock Trust Ltd with a limited resource of approximately £200,000.

The objects of the Charity are to support people with learning disabilities within a 50 mile radius of York with particular emphasis on those residents who occupied the 2 YMHA supported Hostels.

Donations and legacies will be welcomed.

Directors of the charity.

Valerie Crossley
Stuart Roberts
Alan Ross

Andrea Peel
Cath Hollingsworth
David Wilkinson 
Doreen Mowforth
Pauline Martin
Jill Dunlop
Cedric Dennis